Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Heart This

So my son graduated from preschool yesterday.  More on that later because it is so very blog worthy.  

Yeah, I get it...nobody really wants to read about other people's kids or even look at pictures of them, but you'll want to read this.  

Because his preschool rocks.

And I totally stole tons of ideas from them and used them in my own classroom.  

And I'm going to share them with you when I post about his graduation.  

So yes, you will be forced to look at pictures of someone else's kid and read about his accomplishments, but I promise there will be something in it for you.  Stay tuned.

In the meantime, I have a product to share with you.  I went to the Lakeshore store the other day to buy more border for my new theme (also coming soon to a blog near you) and I realized I hadn't bought any graduation gifts.

You know, because graduation from preschool is a huge accomplishment that takes years of hard work and all (2 to be exact) :)

So I grabbed a few things for him while I was there.  One of which was this cool timer.  You simply, pull back the red part to the amount of time you want and watch as the red part gets smaller until if makes a little beeping sound.  It's probably more elaborate than that, but I teach social studies and my teaching partner teaches science and technology so I'll leave the technical part of this product at that.

Anyhow...I bought it for him because we have 10 month old twins at home. And soon school will be out and it will be me + him + them home alone all day.  Which means a lot of waiting for him.  So I thought this would be a handy way to show him how much of a wait he'll have if I say, "We'll go outside in 10 minutes."

He seemed mildly interested in it.

But, I LOVE it!

I can totally see how fantastic this would be in a classroom.

I like to micromanage.  I like to manage time.  I love visuals.  See how this product would make me happy?  It would be so great to say, "you have 30 minutes to work on this project" and let them see the time elapse.  I imagine it would be super fantastic for those pokey little puppies that drag out every assignment.

It was under $30.00 and well worth it.  I highly recommend it for your classrooms.  Or for your own little ones at home.


Marlene said...

I have one of these in my classroom and LOVE it! It helps the kids manage their time. Great invention!

futureflstar said...

I've gotten used to using the online timer/stopwatch but I really like this idea too. I used a mini timer last year(having to reset it and then it would beep) I had a few kids I could set a timer in front of and they would be fine but I had a few who would be enthralled with the timer so it became a distraction. I might have to pick one of these up though! I was just at Lakeshore today...not surprised I'll be heading back LOL.

Debbie said...

I want one of those! It seems like it would be so good for those slow ones who drag everything out!! :)

Rhonda said...

Hi, does the preschool your son went to have a website. I am a new preschool teacher and would love to see it if so.

I'm loving your blog! Lots of great ideas. My theme is Dr. Seuss and I'll be making a lot of the decor too.