Friday, June 25, 2010

Summertime...and the blogging's easy!

Once upon a time I used to spend a large chunk of my summer vacation preparing my classroom for the next year.

And then I had a baby which gave me two options: bring said child to school with me and get nothing done or pay for childcare so that I may go in to work.

During vacation.

When I'm not being paid to be there.

The picture below was taken when my son was less than two.  Sure he looks to be entertaining himself, but chances are he was tearing down bulletin boards, unorganizing my library, dumping math manipulatives or attempting to eat classroom supplies moments later.

He's come along way since then.  In fact, this picture was taken this morning.  He's actually either helpful or else he is helpful by not being unhelpful if you know what I mean.
Today is the first day of summer "vacation."  I spent it at school.  Truth be told, I like working on my classroom.  I enjoy planning for the fall. I consider teacher resource books to be an acceptable beach read.  I am very fortunate to have a job that doubles as a hobby so spending vacation time "working" is something I like to do.

I just don't have the time or ability to go in as often as I used to though so I went in for a power session today and will pop in on Monday for "the last hurrah."

My room is basically ready for the fall (save for some locker tags and my hopes of repainting a few book shelves).  Everything else can be done at home when the littles are sleeping.

I'm also really looking forward to working on my little summer gig.  I have bins and bins of things to list.  I  have lots of ideas for new original products brewing in my head.

And, as for this blog....

I'm taking requests.  Need help with a specific topic?  Have a question and want to pick my brain?  Have a theme in the works and want some more ideas?

Ask away.  Leave a comment or shoot me an email at:
I have so much planned.  I've been brainstorming topics for weeks and snapping pictures like crazy.  I also have plans for some videos.  I'll be blogging daily for the summer.  

Exciting stuff people!

Stay tuned.


Ambs said...

I'm dying to get in there and get to work on my beach theme! We have to wait until they're done "cleaning" though :o(

Any ideas for how to keep the library or classroom centers, neat and tidy, while also making them fun and engaging and easy to access for the kids??

Mr. Catania said...

Thanks for the great ideas Jodi! I love the "Capitol Hill" and mapping ideas!
I would love for you to link my blog when you feature your themes sections next week! I am excited to read your updates throughout the summer.

Sunny said...

I love taking my kids to school with me. It doesn't happen much though because our district is huge and not as welcoming to us during the summer or on weekends. I'm always jealous of friends of mine who have free reign to go into their schools whenever they want!

One year, my principal was awesome about having the building open for us on days when the custodians were in but it was a non-staff day...and I'd take my younger two in and let them play with my indoor recess games or watch a movie while I caught up on paperwork or grades.

futureflstar said...

I would love to be able to work in my classroom. We have a few days at the beginning of august(2) that we can go in and then we have the teacher work days before school starts but that is all. :( On the plus side...we have a brand new building this year! I would love to hear about what to do with limited classroom space. I have googled classroom photos and they are all huge. My classroom is half of that. :( Any ideas are appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your blog. Yours is my new go-to site. Thank you for your generosity with your ideas. I taught 2 years, stayed home with my 2 babes for 10 years, and rejoined the workforce to teach
1st grade for 3 years, then 2nd for 3 yrs. I'm finally assigned to 3rd, the grade I've always wanted to teach. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. Any advice for the transition? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is amazing! I stumbled across it while looking for Vista Print ideas tonight and now I'm looking at your fabulous ideas!

A couple questions for you...

I did a jungle theme for 3 years and would like to switch it up. Do you have any cute ideas for a garden theme?

Also, I saw that you teach Daily Five and CAFE. I would like to incorporate the Math Daily Five into my classroom but have not seen many ideas on that so far. Do you use it?