Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Clutter-Free Classroom Guide

You won't find me on Amazon.

I won't be hanging out on the shelves at your local public library.

I don't expect Oprah to be featuring me in her book club.


I am a published author.

Well, kind of.

A few years back, I began running annual workshops about classroom organization and management for teachers locally. I thought I was all fancy with my Powerpoint and 8 page handout. I even made a website. Which, of course, made me even fancier. I started to get feedback and questions from people all over the world.

Well, really the US, but there were a few folks from England, Australia and Ireland who wrote to me so I'm pretty sure that makes me globally fancy :)

I turned the 8 page handout into a 60 page document complete with lots of photos, tips and ideas. I consulted with printers about having it done up know...fancy. I envisioned colored printing and spiral binding.

And then I realized that what I really wanted was to make it affordable and accessible to as many teachers as possible. So instead of having it professionally printed with all the bells and whistles, I opted for a DIY option. I printed it on my own little printer, photocopied it, three-hole punched the pages and put it into pocket folders.

I'm really happy with them. Teachers can write in them, easily transport them, and put things into the pockets.

Please visit my online store to view the table of contents and to order the booklet. If you would prefer to pay with a check please contact me via email at

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