Monday, June 21, 2010

The Water Bucket - classroom organization tip

Today's No Mess Monday Classroom Organization Tip is "The Water Bucket."

Today's classroom organization tip is "a water bucket."

We do have a fountain in our classroom, but we were told we couldn't let the kids use it when the whole H1N1 fiasco came about.  

You know, cooties and all.

Since all classrooms have cooties and some people don't even have sinks, I thought I would share my "watering hole" with you.

The children are encouraged to bring in water bottles to stay hydrated.  

Water bottles at their seats=toys and distractions.

Water bottles on the counter or shelf=big ole drippy mess on a hot day.

Sure it's a science lesson on condensation, but who wants water puddles everywhere?

My solution was to place a dishpan next to the sink to house their water bottles.  They still use the hand signals to ask to get a drink, but they simply go to the bottle bucket instead of the fountain.

Which here in the northeast is called a "bubbler."

I almost typed "bubbler" but figured most of you would have no clue what I was talking about.

The kiddos write their names or #s on them with sharpie.

I've really souped up the bucket to go with my new theme (coming super "next week soon")

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