Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rejoining Society

It's been a wonderful, crazy, hectic, chaotic and truly joyful 7 weeks.

On August 31st my husband and I completed our family by welcoming identical twin girls to the world.  Bailey and Avery were born at 8:15 and 8:16 p.m. which means they make the Kindergarten cutoff in 2014 by a little less than 4 hours.

I'm a teacher.  I think of these things.

I've spent the past 7 weeks getting to know them, recovering from being pregnant with twins during one of the hottest summers on record, and trying to develop ways to make our house function smoothly.  I took a break from all things school-related (well aside from helping my 4 year old with his preschool homework) and am now getting back into the swing of things.

I reactivated my store which had been on hold and am preparing to resume teaching next Monday.

I'm excited to add some balance to my life.  I love teaching and am looking forward to not doing diaper duty 24/7.  I enjoy being a "working mom" and feel I am a better mom because I am able to spend part of every day doing something I enjoy and something I feel defines a large portion of who I am.

Hopefully, I'll be doing it with more than 5 hours sleep soon.

I'm going to attempt to document this year in my blog on a regular basis. I'm planning to write about my implementation of the Daily 5 and CAFE with our district-mandated reading program.  I want to include photos of my bulletin boards and projects.  I intend to share ideas and lessons that I've done in the classroom.  I also will do my fair share of venting and babbling I'm sure.  I'm hoping that this blog becomes an inspiration to others and serves as a resource for me to reflect upon.

Thanks for reading.  Stay tuned.  I go back to the classroom on 10/26.