Hi All, 
This blog is my method of sharing my random thoughts and brilliant ideas with the entire world.  Talk about pressure. Below is my "weekly blog menu."  

No Mess Monday: 
Mondays are dedicated to one of my favorite things: Classroom Organization.

Teaching Tuesday:
Tuesdays will be all about project ideas, creative lessons and such.

Whatever Wednesday:
As the title implies, Wednesdays are reserved for whatever I feel like writing about.

Thrifty Thursday:
Thursdays will focus on another favorite topic of mine: bargains! Oh, how I love me a deal!

Featured Friday:
I'm most excited about Fridays.  I love sharing my ideas, but I also love snagging great ideas from other teachers.  On Fridays I will feature coworkers and cyber-friends best practices, ideas and thoughts on teaching.

I'll add in other randomness as it hits me.  I babble.  It's my nature.

I'm also planning on making this blog chock-full of photos and videos.

Just for fun I'll toss in some giveaways and freebies.

And let's be honest...there needs to be some shameless self-promotion.  What's a blog without shameless self-promotion.