Saturday, June 5, 2010

Love and Marriage...and Groceries

First came love.

Then came marriage. 
(sidenote: I looped from 1st to 2nd grade with this awesome bunch and the entire class sang at my wedding the following summer.  So sweet!)
Then came a couple of cuties and some baby carriages.

And with the coming of marriage and babies went candle light dinners, movies and weekend getaways for two.

Next month will mark our seven year anniversary.  Next month will also mark our son's 5th birthday.  Which means next month will also mark the anniversary of the start of the "Great Date Drought."

Sure we've been to the occasional wedding sans kids and once we even snuck away overnight, but evenings out for two are virtually extinct.

Until last night.

My mom, dad and gramma are visiting for the weekend.  Hubby and I took full advantage of the babysitting opportunity and left the house together.


Without a diaper bag.

Without needing to buckle three carseats.

And we drove...

straight to the grocery store.

It was Friday night.  We were out alone.  I think that means it was officially a date.

The universe appeared to agree because while we perused aisle 4 and debated which shape of pasta to buy, our wedding song began to play as part of the grocery store "muzak."  

It was SO romantic.

As the refrain began to play, the muzak was interrupted with a store employee announcing a sale on hamburger buns.

SO SO romantic.

Speaking of the wedding.  As we began planning, my hubby's best friend gave him some advice.  He told him, "if you screw up the first wedding-related task she gives you, you will be exempt from having to help with any other wedding projects."

I am pretty sure he has applied this theory to grocery shopping.  The 4 year old and I can bang out an entire list in under 30 minutes and come in at under $50.00.

Hubby attempts to fill the cart with a plethora of unnecessary junk.  For that reason I leave him home and do the shopping with the boy.  He's crafty like that.  Because of his added purchases, last night's total was $116.87.  

That is a pretty expensive date night!

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