Monday, June 14, 2010

Hardware Drawers as Classroom Sorters - No Mess Monday

I still have more classroom themes posts coming this week, but wanted to get back onto my weekly posting schedule.  Today's No-Mess Monday Classroom Organization Tip is Hardware Drawers.  You can buy these at Home Depot, your local hardware store, or even Target/Walmart and the like.  They are SO much cheaper than sorters designed for this purpose.  These pictures came from my colleague Lisa's classroom.  I used the same system when I taught k/1.  Since the drawers usually pull out all the way, they are really easy to alter the appearance of.  Just pull out the drawers and spray paint the heck out of the thing in a sassy color.  
I would highly suggest also labeling the inside of the drawee with the contents.  These drawers are great for sorting letter tiles for Making Words activities.  They are also ideal for housing items for a writing center as well as art supplies.  For a really cool and creative look try hot glueing a sample of the drawers contents (googly eye, sequin, pom pom, etc) to the front of the drawer.

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Tammy Andrews said...

I have one of these on my back counter that I use to house crayons, one drawer for each color. That way, when someone needs a blue, for example they simply pull out the blue drawer (labeled with my label maker) and grab that color rather than having to sort through a bucket of mixed crayons or ask everyone in the room if they have one they can borrow. Also makes it easy if kids find an errant crayon on the floor for them to know what to do with it. Has definitely made that part of my life a million times easier.