Saturday, June 12, 2010

That's a Wrap!

I realize the picture is blurry.  But, I couldn't not post a picture with this entry.  And I don't like the idea of putting actual student photos on here so I figured this was a good compromise.  Poor photography, but a glimpse into the fun.

What you're seeing in that blurry photo is two of our 3rd grade boys having some boot-stompin' fun.

Their extracurricular martial arts activities helps to high-kick in a class play.  Did you know that?

Doing a play can be stressful and exhausting, but the rewards are unbelievable.

It takes a lot of team work and energy.  It requires extra time and money. It isn't always easy to justify in a high-stakes testing kind of world.  But, it is amazing.


My face physically hurt from smiling and from choking back tears.

Because, I'm not the emotional type and getting misty would hinder that image. :)

But, it was so hard not to beam and cry.  I was so proud of them.  They were all so darn adorable, but there were a few things that really stood out for me:

The "not-so-coordinated" boy who jumped out of his comfort zone and asked me at the last minute if he could join in with the kids who were dancing the "HoeDown Throwdown."  Of course I said yes and when he did it was clear he had secretly been practicing at home.

The "shy girl" who sang a solo.

The "tough guy" who comforted a nervous classmate by putting his arm around her and saying, "Your costume looks great and you are going to do a really good job."

The "absent minded" student who remembered every line and cue like a pro.

The "anxious" student who up until recently couldn't even be in the auditorium because of sensory issues who proudly stood on stage, spoke lines and sang.

The "serious" friend who shook what his mama gave him like nobody's business.

I could go on and on.  We had one little guy who wrote us a note when we announced the play and asked, "is there a stage hand position because I am too nervous to be on stage."  On Thursday night he was reciting lines with confidence and raising the roof for the grand finale.

The kids glowed.  Self-confidence was boosted.  They encouraged each other.  They showed gratitude and appreciation to us for putting it together.  

And when one of the sweetest boys I have ever had the pleasure of teaching said the closing line:

"Being friends means that no matter where life takes you, you carry a piece of that friendship with you."

It became insanely hard not to weep.  


Sunny said...

Awww, cute!

I had a random thought that awhile ago you told me you used Tri-Folds with your scripted reading program...was that you?? I'm curious how you set those up. Since I HAVE to teach the &$#$#%% basal next year (*wink*), I figure I'm going to make it meaningful as best as I can!

Littlest Learners said...

It was me. I get the 3rd grade ones from, but I think I'll make my own next year. Does your basal specify a format for instruction? Are there leveled readers with it? You should be able to use that AND d5. Sorry you didn't get the thumbs up from administration.

Sunny said...

We do have leveled readers but I'm not positive if they or how they utilize them at my new school (its a bit different since I student taught there since the principal is different). I am thinking I am going to create tri-folds for the stories to go along with the strategies that the series recommends but also strategies that I know would also be useful to teach with these stories. I just wish I had access to a manual right now so I could get a start on making them for the first theme.