Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Sorry for the delayed posting today.  I had to go for an ultrasound at 7:45 this morning.  Not the "really-cool-and-exciting-see-a-baby (or 2 as was the case for me all last summer)" kind of ultrasound, but the "hey-let's-check-out-your-gallbladder-yicky" kind.  Only nobody felt the need to tell me to fast before going and so my entire morning was thwarted by an english muffin and I need to reschedule. Anyhow, enough talk about my innards.  I'm sure that's not why you're here.

Yesterday's task was quite lengthy so today we are going to keep it simple.

You should be able to bang it out in a few minutes which means you'll have more time to work on your procedure manual.

You know, in case you opted to swim or garden or read or do some other equally fabulous summer activity and not slave away on a list of procedures all day.

We're actually going to create two sections of the UTOT today.

Talk about overachieving, huh?

The first is a section for your meeting notes.  I like to have a central location for jotting down important tidbits of info from our meetings.  It doesn't hurt to have a central location for doodling during said meetings either.

Just saying.

The easiest thing to do would be to gather some 3-hole punched notebook paper and add it to the binder.

You could also create something cute on the computer.

Or you could print out copies of the cute page I made you as a gift.  It matches the plan book set I designed.  I'm a twin mama.  I love me some matchy-matchy.

The next section is even easier.  It's simply an empty space that will house any important newletters, handouts, school info, etc.  Basically this will be a "temporary home" for papers you don't want to lose and may need to access.  We get things like schedules for bus evacuation drills and info on an upcoming event.  I put them into this section and then purge it regularly as events pass.  All you need to do for this part right now is create a tab.  Easy peasy.

Now get back to work on your procedure manual.  For those of you who worked on it yesterday...Did you think of any additional procedures that I didn't include.  Feel free to share them in the comments in case others could benefit from them as well.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I love all your ideas! Where do you get all the super cute clipart?? I got a Promethean Board this summer in my classroom and I'm creating lots of flipcharts and I have been looking for cute clipart! Thanks for all your inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I love the meeting sheet! I am so excited about my UTOT! I am really looking forward to being (and feeling)so organized this year! Thanks a bunch for all of your help!

jessicamae3 said...
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Marlene said...

Thanks for your posts on the organizational binder! I've been following them and putting mine together. Just finished my procedures manual today. And thanks for the feebies too :) I'd love to read posts on your sub binder too. I have never really gotten the hang of making an emergency sub binder or folder.

Littlest Learners said...

@Jacy: I mainly use Thistle Girl clipart. It's a subscription site and I had to pay extra for the seller license, but well worth it. Her stuff is the cutest!

@anonymous: Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you've found my tidbits useful :)

@Marlene: Thanks for taking the time to comment. The sub binder is actually in the works for next week.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I'll check that out! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

there is a comment on your original procedure post that I was wondering about too- there are some procedures you list that I am not familiar with. Could you please check out the question and answer it when you get a chance. Thanks!