Friday, July 9, 2010

Vista Print - Frugal Friday

I feel like I need a disclaimer before I write this post.

You will either love me or hate me for what I am about to enlighten you with.

You'll love me for the free/cheap goodies you will obtain.

You'll hate me for the time suckage it will bring to your summer vacation.

Trust me.

You will spend sunny days hunched over your computer, frantically processing orders before the deals end.  

Oh, and if you think "I'll just order a rubber stamp and some labels," you won't.  Because much like a chain smokers first cigarette, you won't stop there.  It ALWAYS starts with one rubber stamp and some labels.

You've been warned.

Vista Print is an online paradise for teachers who love free stuff.  You can ooh and ahh coworkers and parents and look like you've spent tons of money.  If you are creative and have some photoshop skills you can make cool custom things.  If you can barely check your email without cursing technology, they have tons of templates to make it look like you are a graphic designer.

I could go on and on.  Vista Print is an addiction and a science.  There is ALWAYS free stuff to be had.  The catch is the shipping.  Some deals are better than others.  Some deals are amazing.  Last weekend they had an amazing deal that offered $5.00 shipping.  I literally stayed up until 1:00 a.m. putting orders through.

I spent under $50.00 for 7 orders which included 70+ items.  There are colored postcards, banners, birthday party invitations, magnets, lawn signs and oh-so-much more.  I'm going to set up a page on the blog to share my creations and will keep you posted on any great deals when they arise.  

I was going to wait until there was another great sale to post about it, but decided it would be best to give you a "head's up."  Because what happens is that when the sales hit, you get "idea block."  So I suggest playing around with the site.  Design your items.  Look at other's work for inspiration.  Create your items and leave them in your portfolio so that when the next big sale comes...and it can just click and order.

For now, here is a sample of some of the things I designed and ordered  last weekend.

a banner for my son's Toy Story birthday party

postcards to mail to my students

birthday party invitations - the party details are printed on the inside

magnets - I will add each students name and use them to label their lockers


Jo said...

I actually followed your advice on another post and ordered my free business cards designed as homework passes a few days ago! I'm now headed back to the site to play around some more.... :-D

Mrs. Robinson said...

Dude! I posted about VistaPrint on my blog last night (at like 1am when I was completely blearly eyed from making so much stuff). You are right - it is completely addicting and completely fantastic. Your jungle-themed creations are so cute. I have a bunch of pictures on my blog if you want to take a look. : )

John Deere Mom said...

Maybe you know this. I LOVE Vista Print but was only to get 3 orders done during the $5.00 shipping sale. I have a million other things started that I want, but hate to pay that much shipping. you know about how often the $5.00 shipping sale happens?

Erin @ Letter Soup said...

I had no idea you could do that much at Vista Print. I'll have to check it out ASAP! I just found your blog! I love what I've read so far, especially the "clutter free classroom" part!

Lynn Kasserman said...

I love the locker magnet idea. How will you write the kids' names on them? Thanks!