Saturday, July 17, 2010

Letters Gone Wild

Today's post is titled, "Letters Gone Wild."

But, yours don't have to have a wild theme.  In fact, that's the beauty of today's idea.  It's all about making something customized to your classroom.

You can buy manufactured letters in just about any color/theme, but you're stuck with standard sizes and fonts.

You could use a Cricut to make custom letters.  It's a good option if you have access to one.  But, if you don't (heck, I own a Cricut and still use this method) and you want to make letters that will make your room stand out as an original give this a shot.

I pinky promise it is super-easy.

Decide: where the letters will go, what they will say and how big you want them to be.

Select a font on your computer and print out your letters.  For what it's worth, my heart belongs to the fonts Marker Felt and Chalkboard.  To save ink, you can print them as outlines.

Pick some amazingly cool, funky or otherwise suitable paper and a solid color paper that coordinates well.  I'm a simple girl.  I always pick black.  I hear black is slimming.

Stack the two pages on top of each other and place your printed letters on top of those.  Carefully cut out along the outline of the letters.

Hang them up and then stand back ad marvel at your frugal craftiness.


Mrs. Cagle's 5th Grade said...

I'm so glad you posted this. Believe it or not, I've never thought of using computer letters as a stencil before. I've got a list of phrases I was going to use the ellison machine for, but now I'm feeling crafty! :-D

futureflstar said...

Very cute! I've done a lot of my own "computer printed" items this summer and then laminated them. (my word wall letters and my words for my word wall, my specials (art, pe, etc) for my board)

Also I saw wacky patterned popsicle sticks on clearance at Joann's (they match your letters!)
Just thought I'd pass it along :)