Friday, July 16, 2010

Hey Staples...I've Got Your Number

The teacher message boards are all abuzz with gripes of the injustice that is Staples.

As in the office supply megastore.

Complaint numero uno is that not all Staples are honoring the expanded limit (25) for teachers. I suggest calling the store before you go and asking.  If they say yes, get the name of the person you are speaking to.  If they say no, call another Staples.  I'm pretty sure it's company policy so you could also argue.  Point is, let your fingers do the walking and do your arguing/sweet talking on the phone and save yourself the headache at the register.

Complaint numero dos is the new stipulations.

I recently posted about how they strapped on a $5.00 minimum purchase requirement in order to get the .01 cent goodies.  This made me question if it was worth making the trek for my penny folders because while there are plenty of things at Staples that I need in life (ink, envelopes, etc) there was nothing pressing that I MUST have in my possession this week.

People (and by people I mean angry teachers...a demographic nobody wants to mess with) are angered and annoyed by this policy.  They find it unfair that a business is enforcing the policy that is stated in their flyer and making them pay $5.50 for five dollars worth of merchandise along with 25 folders and 200 pencils.  

I'm on Team Teacher by default, but, I also see the business aspect of it so it makes sense to me.

Anyhow, being the crafty and peacemaking sole that I am, I've devised a plan that will help to make everyone happy.  I hope.

This brings me to one of my mostest favorite concepts in the retail world.

Price matching!

One stop shopping at it's finest.  I checked with Staples and their policy is that they will price match if you bring in a printed ad from a local store with the same product.

I was going to go to Walgreens anyhow to buy me some love in the form of a colorful Sharpie 12 pack at the bargain price of only $3.99 and who can't use a box of Crayola washable markers for only $1.00.  Sure they will probably be on sale for a mere .88 cents in a few weeks, but we need a little give and take here. 

Let's take a moment and talk about price matching because I love it.  I am all about ease and simplicity.  I can't be bothered schlepping all about town on a sunny summer day to hit all the major sales so whenever possible I eliminate some stops.

Target and Walmart both honor price matching.  Just bring the flyer to the register and they will manually adjust the price.

If you have an AC Moore nearby then you can really score because they carry Crayola.  When the markers and crayons go on sale (and they will) for a fraction of their usual cost, just bring the flyer to AC Moore.  They will not only honor the price, but they will take off an additional 10%.  Plus, if you have the teacher card you can save an extra 5%.

And since no post would be complete without a picture or two AND since I have not done any shameless self-promotion in at least 48 hours...

I bring you an update from our sponsor: ME!

I just released my latest product this morning.  It's a 17 page printable Genre Set.  It includes 10 signs that define the genres as well as several activities.  It will save you time and energy and will shower your students with academic excitement.  Plus, it's chock full of adorable Thistle Girl graphics and if those smiling little cartoon people don't make you happy then I don't know what will.

As usual, it is only $3.00.

And, unlike some big box corporations, I don't charge a $5.00 minimum :P

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Sunny said...

That kit is adorable. I have genre posters like those that I got free online a few years ago. I love the idea of the genre activities though to really help the kiddos to understand the differences. One year we did genre book projects (mystery story skeletons in October, Sandwich book projects in November, etc) and that really seemed to help the kiddos understand and apply the different genres as well...I'm seriously thinking about that kit now ;)

futureflstar said...

I had this problem at Office Depot. Thankfully Staples did not give me an issue(I went in for the 25 cent pencils boxes and was told I could get 25...I only purchased 20). At 3 different Office depot's however I was told 3 different things. The first gave me all 20 folders I wanted at 5 cents each, the second told me I could only by 5 at 5 cents, the third told me I could get twice the limit of 5 so I got 10. I will be returning to the 2 who allowed me the extras. Driving around to pay 5 cents a piece for folders that I paid 30 to 50 cents a piece for mid year last year is worth it to me. I think I shall be making some orders on your site tonight. :P