Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Weekend Update

The Good:

We enjoyed a nice summer soiree with some friends to celebrate the 4th.

That's right.  I called it a soiree.

If you are serving sangria then it is clearly a soiree.

I designed and ordered invitations for my son's birthday in July and the twins birthday in August.  The photo shoot for the twins' invites was exhausting.  They crawled everywhere and tried their best to up their fiber intake by eating grass and leaves.  I jumped around the yard like a freak show trying to get them to look at the camera and smile. I'm sure the neighbors loved that.   The boy proceeded to hop into all the pictures.  I wouldn't have been opposed to including him in the picture, but he was insisting on leaving on his swim goggles.  Such is my life.
We relaxed and enjoyed our little family at home.  We are waterlogged from spending so much time in the pool.  The weather is hot, hot, hot and super sunny and I was happy to just putter.

The Bad:
I could have done without the fireworks in my belly on the 4th.  I felt great in the morning.  I felt fine at night.  But, the hours of 2-6 p.m. were spent moaning and calculating the best plan of action for getting to the emergency room because I honestly thought the hospital was inevitable. Being the qualified medical professional that I am, I have self-diagnosed the episode as food poisoning.  Who needs a medical degree when you have google.

Flags weren't the only thing waving in the breeze this holiday weekend.  Our dryer broke.  Not wanting to go to a laundromat and since we don't own a clothesline, we kicked it high-class and air dried our unmentionables on the hammock, draped pants over patio furniture and hung shirts from trees.  Told you I was fancy.

Save for the 4 hours spent on what I thought was my death bed, it was a fantastic weekend.

Did you make the strawberry shortcakes?  I served them at the soiree and got a message the next morning from one of our guests that read, "I woke up thinking about your shortcakes.  They were so good."

I don't want to brag or nothing, but I told you so.

Hope you all had  a fabulous long weekend.


Frau M. said...

Your pictures are sooooo adorable. Sorry about the food poisoning.

grace grant said...

I made the shortbreads...yes...they were fabulous!