Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I've Got the Power

Power Teaching that is.  Have you heard of it?

It's also known as Whole Brain Teaching and it is an amazingly effective tool in the classroom.

It's high energy so it isn't something you would do all day, everyday.  But, it is a great way to deliver important information and to manage your classroom.  

I HIGHLY suggest you give it a try because I do think there are components in it that would benefit every teacher.  

The website is very comprehensive and if you google it you will find tons of youtube videos of actual classroom teachers using it.  In my class we use the following:

Class - Yes
Hands and Eyes

I've been using this in my classroom for 4 years.  The other third grade teacher and I switch classes for science and social studies.  When her class came to me for the first time I was able to teach them the key parts that I use for instruction in a matter of minutes.

I don't use the gestures as I find they are way too distracting for my classes.  You'll have to pick and choose and find a rhythm that works for you, but I do think there is something in this for all teachers.

Start by watching this video that shows an overview of several key parts of Power Teaching.  Then watch the second part of it.  Next, go to the website and find the tab that says, "First Steps."  Read through those.


Ambs said...

I LOVE POWER TEACHING!!! My kids love it too! It lets them really get into AND lets me assess their learning at the same time! My old principal was super into PT so I have TON of great websites and videos if you're ever looking for something new to try out... the possibilities are endless :o)

elainaann said...

Agreed! I love power teaching. I was very unsure about it at first because I was teaching 7th and 8th grade, but they love it. And it works. I use gestures for some vocabulary, but I don't try to create a gesture for ever word. The gestures really help them remember and they love that I look silly doing them. :) Class -Yes is also a life safer. My first year trying it I taught our 7th and 8th graders and in April our math teacher decided to try it. She had it easy because I had already "trained" the students. She loved how quickly and easily it got their attention.

Anonymous said...

I love power teaching too. I teach kindergarten and got all of the other kindergarten teachers doing it. It's great!!!

Tawnya said...

Wow! I love your blog! I can't stop reading it. Thanks for all you are sharing. I found the Power Teaching stuff last year right before I was going to teach 3rd for the first time. They loved it and I love it too. I use the same parts you do. I hope my new team at my new school will be open to it.