Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Workstation Rotations: Teacher-Tip Tuesday

Today's Teaching Tuesday Idea is:

WorkStation Rotation Chart

One of the hardest tasks as a teacher is managing "centers" or work stations.  I've tried several methods and most work well as long as you take the time to teach the students what your system is.  I especially like this one for two reasons: it's compact (the size of a standard posterboard) and it is easy to see at a glance who should be where.

I have the children work with a partner for literacy centers.  Each pair is assigned a color and I write their names on that colored rectangle in dry erase marker.  The color aligns with a workstation that is designed for two people.  You'll notice that two colors also align with a 2nd center (outer circle).  That is a station that can accomodate up to four students. 

The children work in their assigned center.  I then rotate the wheel one spot and they are on to the next station.  So easy!  

Everything is laminated flat onto the board with the exception of the small circle with the colors.  That is attached with a brad so that it can rotate easily.  

The other added benefit to this is that when I've rearranged my classroom or moved rooms, it is easy to transport.

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