Wednesday, March 24, 2010

9:02 pee break, 11:26 pee break...

Today's Whatever Wednesday Topic is:
The Bathroom Log

I teach 3rd grade.

That means I am responsible for teaching 25 children an entire school year's worth of state mandated standards by March because even though the school year goes until June, the state feels they should have everything mastered in time for the BIG TEST in March.

My point is, I don't have time to monitor the frequency and time patterns of when my kiddos elect to pee.

Yet, it is another thing we are expected to do.

I created this chart to streamline the process.  I can tell at a glance how many times a child has left to use the bathroom and when they've gone and how long they have gone for.

How's that for data and assessment?

It's a handy little piece of paper.  The children write their number and the time they have left the classroom on the chart.  If it is the 1st trip of the day they write it in box 1.  If it is the 3rd trip of the day it goes in box 3.  When they return they record that time next to the initial time.  If a child is frequently showing up in box 3 or 4 then I can address the situation.  

Good times.

But, if you are required to keep a bathroom log, this could make your life easier.


grace grant said...

ok...why do y'all have to monitor how often children go the bathroom?

LOVE the log in system, but just wondering why you have to monitor...

Ashley said...

I just went back and looked at these entries. I have a child who will argue with me if I offered him a million dollars. His issue is going to the bathroom as work avoidance. I wonder if he will write down every time he goes. He's a little sneaky, but I am going to try this, if for nothing else, data on how often he leaves class to go to the br. He has to miss substantial class time!