Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ready, Set, Blog...

It's amazing how a whole lot of nothing can equal crazy busy.

I've been a teacher, a wifey, a mommy, a "working mommy," a homemaker, etc. for several years now and it's been an enjoyable and fairly easy gig.  Throw in a couple of adorable twin baby girlies into the mix and WOW! Life gets busy.

It's kind of like living in the movie Groundhog Day.  I get up, hit the ground running, go through a series of hugs, cuddles, lesson plan executions, read alouds, correcting, meal making, bottle-feeding, lunch-packing, dish-washing, the "occasional" running of a vacuumn or passing of a broom, bath, pjs, bedtime stories and crash for another day.  After logging in a bit of sleep it starts all over.

I'm not complaining.  It's great.  I'm in a very good place and while my house could be cleaner and I wouldn't turn away anyone who wanted to send me off on my own for an afternoon at a spa, bookstore, Starbucks or any other equally delightful sanctuary, I'm absolutely content. 

Honestly, I just want time to stand still.  I love my class.  I love my son's preschool.  I love the fact that the babies are so cuddly and squishy and I'll even admit that I love that they aren't mobile because just the thought of two babies crawling in different directions exhausts me.
I love that we are so close to spring and that some of the things that bring me such simple pleasures (open-toed shoes, fresh air blowing the curtains, capris, iced coffee, grills, walks after dinner and the like) are within reach.  Seriously.   Time can stand still.  Life is good.  It's just super busy.

The one thing that keeps my head above water is my routines.  I have specific days assigned to lesson planning, copying/prepping materials, writing my newsletter, changing bulletin boards, etc.  At home the same days are reserved for laundry, grocery shopping, bill paying etc.  It's rigid, but it works for me.

And so I have developed a routine for my blog.  I have so many things that I want to blog about (as well as the usual sprinkling of randomness that defines me) and it can be overwhelming.  So I have come up with a routine to keep me focused and committed.  Below is my "weekly blog menu."  

No Mess Monday: 
Mondays are dedicated to one of my favorite things: Classroom Organization.

Teaching Tuesday:
Tuesdays will be all about project ideas, creative lessons and such.

Whatever Wednesday:
As the title implies, Wednesdays are reserved for whatever I feel like writing about.

Thrifty Thursday:
Thursdays will focus on another favorite topic of mine: bargains! Oh, how I love me a deal!

Featured Friday:
I'm most excited about Fridays.  I love sharing my ideas, but I also love snagging great ideas from other teachers.  On Fridays I will feature coworkers and cyber-friends best practices, ideas and thoughts on teaching.

I'll add in other randomness as it hits me.  I babble.  It's my nature.

I'm also planning on making this blog chock-full of photos and videos.

Just for fun I'll toss in some giveaways and freebies.

And let's be honest...there needs to be some shameless self-promotion.  What's a blog without shameless self-promotion.

I'm ready to hit the ground running on this project.  We start Monday.  Who's coming?  

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