Thursday, March 18, 2010

Top O The Morning To Ya!

My fellow third grade teacher and I spent yesterday (St. Patrick's Day)  afternoon sorting through math questions and categorizing them by standards.  I pointed out that one benefit to getting old is that we won't need to spend March 18th teaching with a hangover.  

Just trying to stay positive.

There were a few shenanigans at my house though.

My son was giddier for St. Patrick's Day than he was for Christmas.  I was confused by his enthusiasm, but learned that he expected to see a real rainbow and find real gold.  He built a leprechaun trap all by himself.

He added something green and some gold (pennies) to lure the little fellow in.  Then he strategically placed a bit of double-sided tape inside so that the leprechaun would get stuck. Granted, this concept already exists as a rat trap, but he doesn't know that so I was impressed with his original idea.

He decided the front walkway was the ideal location for trapping his victim.  As he put on his shoes he stated, "I'm going to catch me a leprechaun...(insert thoughtful pause and a shrug)...or a cat."  The trap was put down and he then used sidewalk chalk to draw arrows, a rainbow and a leprechaun friend as additional enticement.  

And then he went to bed.

Because they only come when you are sleeping.

I think they have a contract similar to S. Claus.

When morning came he discovered that a leprechaun had in fact been in our house.  The pesky fellow turned his oatmeal and milk green.  He also made us a green cake with rainbow frosting and some gold coin pancakes.  He entertained himself by turning our toilet water green and playing with Camden's toys (only the green ones).  He even worked his magic on Cam's lunch by replacing the lunch I packed with rainbow grilled cheese and some green foods like cucumbers and a green apple.

Upon checking the trap we discovered that he had at one point been caught, but escaped.  His wee little sock was stuck on the tape.  Camden pointed out that he must have "wiggled free and hopped back to Ireland on one foot!"

It was a fun day.  After a l-o-n-g winter, followed by the recent "monsoon of the Northeast" we very much appreciated taking the twins for a walk downtown for a corned beef dinner at our favorite little family restaurant.  Afterwards we came home and enjoyed some green cake with green milk.  

Honestly, I don't care if I know it's only food coloring...I still need to close my eyes to stomach swallowing green milk.

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