Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What Time is It?

Today's Teaching Tuesday Idea is:


This easy little project will help all your little friends practice their time telling skills.  

I used speech bubbles, but even a simple post-it would work.  Label the outside of your clock with the appropriate five minute interval.  Point it out and model how to use it as a reference tool.

On a side note: I always found children would get confused on the hour when the minute hand was past the 30 minute mark and especially so as it neared the 12.  I had a lightbulb moment a couple of years ago and it has been easy to explain ever since.  I tell the class to think about their birthday.  Kids LOVE to say they are 7 and a half or 7 and 3/4 because when you are little every fraction of an age counts.  I explain that even though they are getting closer to being 8 (or whatever age) they will be 7 until it is actually their birthday.  I point out that the 12 is like the birthday.  The minute hand may be super close, but it won't be the next hour until it is actually on the 12.

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Stephanie said...

Love the clock labels and the birthday reference! I hope I remember that to use this year! Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful ideas!