Friday, March 26, 2010

Scout's Honor

I swear to you I was looking for vegetables.

Honest.  Scout's honor!

I was rummaging through my freezer looking for some healthy, nutrients of the frozen variety.  

That's when I spotted it.  Do you see it?

Let's take a closer look.  I needed to adjust my eyes.  I thought it was a mirage.  Do you recognize that beautiful silver shape?

Someway.  Somehow.  I'm not sure how it happened.  But, there in the depths of my freezer hidden behind the frozen peas were some yummy, delicious Girl Scout Thin Mints that I had not know existed.  Oh, lucky day!

It pays to eat your veggies!

1 comment:

CATHY said...

What a funny thing! Love your blog. I need some thin mints right now. Sadly, one of my firsties delivered them to me TODAY and I sigh.