Thursday, August 12, 2010


Who wants some freebies?

Come on now all of your hands should be waving high in the air.  Because I love you all so very very much, I've made you a few gifts.

Included in your from me to you with hugs and kisses package is:
an adorable cover for your sub binder
an even cuter template for your sub to fill out at the end of the day
an "at a glance" page for your sub that highlights the key things they need to know and serves as a directory

Plus, they match the 24 pages of EMERGENCY SUB PLANS that I designed.

You have purchased the emergency sub plans kit, haven't you?

Because for only $3.00 you can save yourself tons of time and energy and free yourself up for more poolside time.

Click here to buy the sub plans.

Click here to print the FREEBIES for your sub binder.

We've been rocking our binder this week.  

Today you need to:
make a cover (or use mine)
make a template for the sub to fill out (or use mine)
gather a bunch of generic sub plans for science and social studies

My advice on the last part of your assignment would be:
Access the free trial at reading a to z dot com and print off some age appropriate non-fiction texts for both science and social studies.  Either use their extension activities or create your own to go with them

Leave Time for Kids or Scholastic News for the sub to use during Social Studies

Find a few educational videos with science and social studies content...Magic School Bus is great for this.

Have the children write a list of questions they may have on a science or social studies topic.

OK folks, Do your homework and tune in tomorrow because we are going to wrap this puppy up!


Miss Samantha said...

Thanks for all that you have done!!! I want to download the free accessories for the sub binder...but wanted you to know that under Where to Find the word Emergence is misspelled. Thanks!

Sunflwr508 said...

I knew I was jumping the gun~sorry! I love the freebies, thanks so much!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Anyway you can make a spine label for the sub binder? Or let me know the font you used so I can make one! Thanks Love your stuff!

Lisa said...

Thank you so much for sharing your gift of creating little nuggest of "sanity" for us newbie teachers. I really love and appreciate your sub folder ideas (among many that I've garnered reading through your blog!). :)

Anonymous said...

Is there any other way to purchase your emailed pdfs without a paypal account? I don't have one and was trying to order your teacher organizer files and emergency sub plans =(