Thursday, August 5, 2010

Under the Wire

It's been a gem of a day.  Hubby has some big project going on at work.

Don't ask me what he does.  It involves printing or something.  My eyes glaze over when he talks about work.  All I know is that he typically finishes at 5:00 and after making his 2 mile commute he's home by 5:05.

He then jumps in being Super Daddy and The Amazing Laundry Man and He Who Does the Dishes.  Seriously, the guy rocks!  I suppose I should appreciate his presence more when he is here rather that just complain about it when he's not, but let me tell you his absence is felt.

So whatever this project is, it has him super busy.  He has been coming home for dinner and then going back to work until around the same time that Cinderella is rushing home from the Ball.  Which means I am flying solo on the homefront.


Solo would mean I could enjoy some quality "ME" time with People Magazine and the DVR.  

What I should have said is that I am flying solo with three somewhat needy passengers and no copilot.  The thing is my kids are actually delightful.  Big Brother is extremely helpful and patient and the Twinkies are easygoing and cute.  But, the reality is that I am in charge of 3 individuals who rely on me for everything from food to entertainment to diapers.  

Hats of to single parents.  That is one tough job.

So the wee ones are asleep.  Hubby is at work doing whatever it is he does.  And I am finally getting around to giving you your Thrifty Thursday tip.

Yes, I know there are only 2 hours left in Thursday, but I made it.  

Are you ready?

Is your pencil poised and waiting to record this latest tidbit of valuable money-saving information?  OK.  Here it is...


I know you're thinking that doesn't count because everyone knows you can borrow books from the library for free.  Well, it counts.

It counts because I am going to share with you some info you may not have thought about:

Most libraries are now part of a larger network of libraries so you can borrow from surrounding communities.  If you are lucky enough to live in an area with a college then that usually means you can borrow from their library.  If that college has an education program then chances are you can find some great resources (Daily 5, Cafe, Lucy Caulkins, etc) for free.  

Most libraries also let you request books online now too.  Here's what I do. I go to amazon and pick books I want and use the "people who bought this also bought that" feature to find other interesting books.  I then type them into the library site, hit request and the friendly library lady calls within a few days and lets me know I can pick them up.

I love the pick up feature.  I just have to run in and everything I requested is there and ready.

Did you also know that most libraries have tons of audio books.  Mine has chapter books and picture books.  They also have CDs.  I'm going to be honest.  I burn copies of them for the classroom.  There I said it.  You can skip the hate mail on ethics.  I'll only be accepting, "you're a genius and I hadn't thought of that" emails.

Lastly...movies!  Again go online and request the titles that you want.  This is great for movies you are showing in class as well as date night in the living room.

There you have it.  FWIW, I refuse to reread this post.  I'm sure it is chock full of spelling and grammar mistakes and for that I apologize.  

Did I mention that in an attempt to distract the Boy from the fact that daddy wasn't home to read bedtime stories and avoid a sobfest like the night prior, I initiated a campout in the living room.  Doesn't make for the best night's sleep.

Did I mention that I gave up coffee 9 days ago?  Doesn't mix well with psuedo-single parenting and sleeping on the living room floor.

So please excuse the (higher than usual) errors in this post and head to your local library tomorrow and check it out.


S. said...

I also burn books on CD from the library. Shhh. Look, those things are RIDICULOUSLY overpriced (except from Scholastic)so I don't feel guilty.

Love your blog BTW :)

Ashley Culbs said...

Another time saving, free tip is to try the website for downloading audiobooks/eBooks and even some movies. So fast and easy - just pick out what you want, click download, fill in your library card number and violia -- load it onto your iPod/MP3 player :)

Anonymous said...

I am a newly follower, I just bumped into your blog and I just cant stop to read your posts, love the way you deliver the information.. P.S. U are one special Mom!