Wednesday, August 11, 2010


If you are just joining us, we’ve been working on planning for a substitute teacher.

Start by reading here.

And check out my emergency sub plans here.

Today we are going to add the CLASSROOM INFO section to the binder.  This part may be a bit trickier because a good portion of the information needed won’t come into play until school starts.

But, it’s a catch 22 because when school initially starts you’ll be so crazy busy that it’ll be hard to find the time to do this.  So we are going to get as much as we can into it.  And for those items you don’t have access to right now, simply add a page protector and include a Post-it Note marked with a reminder of what you need to add.

Here’s what I include:

  • a photo directory: head shots with their names
  • a seating chart
  • class schedule
  • pull-out / in-class support schedule
  • classroom rules and behavior management plan
  • signals you use to get their attention
  • procedures for: attendance, lunch, recess, lining up, bathroom, dismissal and what to do when they finish their work
  • a list of 2-3 reliable students 
  • a list of any medical issues that they would need to know about
  • any additional student info that would be helpful (who will require extra help, who may try to act silly and how to deal with it, etc)

I also a include a brief list of things that I know kids will try to get away with (using the electric pencil sharpener, asking to go to the nurse 80 million times).

Create a tab that reads, "CLASS INFO," add it to the binder, put these items in that section and call it a day.

Is there anything else you include?


Sunflwr508 said...

Hope I'm not jumping ahead but just wondered if you are going to add one of your cute cover inserts for the front of the binder! I really LOVE your site and all of your adorable creations!! Thanks for sharing your hard work!!

futureflstar said...

Do you keep a separate "emergency" folder or is this the same...and where do you house them?
Last year we had metal doors so we had magnetic pockets but this year our doors are wood and we can't put anything on the wall. I have post it pockets but they aren't big enough for a binder.

Minnesota Rocks! said...

Thanks for the ideas on what to include in my sub binder! Over the last couple of years I haven't really every became sick, so I never prepared an emergency sub kit. It is definitely on this years to do list!