Friday, August 27, 2010

What Bugs You?

I don't have pets.

Unless dust bunnies count.

But, I do have pet peeves.

Here's the thing. I've LOVED being home with my kids this summer. Like, LOVE, LOVED it! My son is freaking hilarious and the twinkies are just so much fun. I like lazy days. I like being a shut-in. I do seriously believe that I could be a hermit as long as hermits are aloud high-speed internet access. I also believe the world would be a better place if everyone wore their pajamas all day every day.

Yesterday was "one of those days" though. It was my own fault. I put too much on my plate. We're rocking project "paint and move four rooms around in two weeks or less." But, it's been a ton of work. Operation "First Birthday" is culminating tomorrow which means lots of crafty projects. The straw that broke the camel's back was the large group playdate that I had scheduled at my house.

Let me complete that statement.

The straw that broke the camel's back was the large group playdate that I had scheduled at my house...2 days before we host a huge party and as we are undergoing house renovations. It was a crazy day around the homestead and the part that would have been filmed in s-l-o-w motion with enhanced sound had my life been a movie was when I stepped on yet another Cheerio on my freshly swept floor.

It was at that point that I, for the first time all summer, thought to myself, "It's time for me to go back to school."

What I was thinking was..."it's time for me to go back to school so I can finish my lunch in peace, go more than 63 minutes without having to change a diaper or flush the toilet for another human being and not need to crush Cheerios under my bare feet.

Then I remembered.

The Goldfish! Those damn Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers. I hate how they lie there all belly up on the classroom rug just waiting for a foot to come crashing down upon them.

I actually think snack time in general is my pet peeve. I like things neat. I don't like sticky. I don't like crumbs. And I think the creators of Gogurt and Crush Cups should be shot. I get the fact that it's a long day and kids need to replenish their supply of feed their brains and energize their hard-working little bodies in order to complete their day of learning at their maximum level of potential. I do get that.

Which is why I find it all the more annoying when they break out the Doritos and brownies at 9:15 a.m. It counteracts the purpose.

So there you have it. My number one pet peeve as a classroom teacher.

What drives you absolutely insane?


Michele said...

I'm right there with you...I can't stand snack time. The kids that come with a lunchbox and a "buffet" of 2 juices and 3 snack items and then want to sit and just eat (and not work at the same time)- drives me nuts. And the goldfish carcasses! :-0 I finally got so fed up I instituted "class snack" where one parent sends snack for everyone that week (& a box of dixie cups to hold the scoop of snack). Made a calendar. Rotate the parents. They only have to worry about snack a couple times/year. I don't have to worry that the kid with the life threatening allergy is going to touch something that makes me have to stab him in the leg with an epi-pen. We have a quick snack while we're at centers & move on. Amen. Good luck with those goldfish!

AndradeA81 said...

How funny! Yes, those little goldfish find a way of being crushed. Whether real or in a cracker, goldfish just don't last. It is a bummer that you can't make the kids have a healthy snack. It is in our school handbook that they are to eat a healthy snack. So sticky buns and Flammin' Hots are out!

Anonymous said...

I have this mom this year..... need I say more? She brings her kid late and hangs around. And I teach 3rd grade! Cut the cord, already! She also comes in after school almost daily. Bugs the crap out of me. She was upset that her daughter is sitting in the front row, center, and she's late sometimes, so it's more "obvious" she's late. She asked me to move her daughter from the front, center. I had to bite my tongue so I didn't say, "Don't be late, and it won't matter where she sits! UGH!!!!!!! Some mothers.....

Kel said...

I'm so glad you asked! What bugs me is moms who outright ask you how to be a mom! I didn't have a manual, for God's sake! Why are so many parents sooooo brainless today? No clue whatsoever! Every year, I have to give these impromptu "How to be a good parent" speeches to some of my parents. I have to remind them: YOU'RE THE PARENT! TAKE CONTROL! HAVE A CLUE! What is going ON here!?

Jenny said...

Yup that's definitely a big one for me too. I actually stand in the doorway after recess and check their snacks. Like you said, I can't tell them they aren't allowed to eat what's in their lunchbox, but I do ask them to show me that it's the healthiest snack option in there. If it isn't they must keep that for dessert at lunch. Which brings me to the other problem at my only do they have snack in my room, they also eat lunch in there!!! And I'm not there to supervise the cleanup. Not something I like coming back to after my hour or "me time".

My other pet peeve is pencil and finger tapping. I know some kids are fidgets and they need to let out that energy so I usually say nothing unless it disturbs the others. But it drives me up the wall.

Cyndy said...

When the Elmer's glue bottle is all blocked up... Who had the time to dis-assemble the glue bottle, clean out the orange glue tip, poke it with a safety pin... blah, blah, blah... all while 3 more kids are yelling out, "Mine doesn't work either!!!" Which is why I have resorted to buying a TON of white glue bottles when they are cheap so that when this happens... I throw it away and pull out a new one!!! Purely because I CAN'T stand it! LOL!

Frau M. said...

I think the inventor of Crush Cups is in kahoots(sp?) with the makers of Spray and Wash/Resolve.

Mrs. McComish said...

I have banned indivudual snacks in my room for this exact reason. Now I ask for snack donations from parents that would feed the whole class for a couple of days. A box of cereal, big tub of goldfish crackers, animal crackers, pretzels etc. Now on the way out to recess I give each kid a handful of whatever the snack is for the day and they eat it outside. No more buffet and crush cups for my kiddos. It works beautifully and my carpets are saved (the sidewalks on the otherhand are another story...but hey, someone needs to feed the ants!)

Anonymous said...

Plastic water bottles drive me nuts. The crackle and make noise. They topple over when they are empty. Parents are sending multiple water bottles in with their kids each day (it's really hot, I understand why). I tried the water bucket thing and found it overflowing with old water bottles that no one would own up to. boo. Hate waterbottles.