Monday, August 23, 2010


Raise your hand if you LOVE playing ice breaker games.

I thought so.

I personally loathe them.  Finding out what kind of animal someone is like and why is kind of like when people try to tell you all about a dream they had.  It's boring and silly.  It makes me feel awkward.  

Not a fan.

I try not to subject my kids to too many of these types of activities on the first day of school and strive to find activities that will "break the ice" in more interesting ways.  Hence the playdough idea. Today I bring you another fun activity for the start of school. 

I also plan on using it for movement breaks and as a reward.

It is Bop It!

It's a bit addictive.  My son received one for his birthday.  I'm proud to say I am the high score holder in our house.

When you start it it plays a funky little rhythm and instructs you to bop it (hit the center button), pull it (pull a handle on one end) or twist it (turn a knob at the other end).

You can play as an individual or as a group.  When playing as a group you need to "pass it."  

They sell them at Target and Walmart and the like.  They are under $20.00.

Good times people, good times!


Mrs. H said...

I actually thought of buying one just the other day when I was in the store...and talked myself out of it thinking I was crazy lol
Maybe I'll go back and pick one up...

Cyndy said...

LOVE the Bop It! and even the Extreme Bop It! Congrats on the high score, by the way!

Sandra Guntorius said...

I did the playdough idea today for my kindergartners and they loved it, thanks.

Anonymous said...

My 7 yr old got one for her birthday too! And, I am the high scorer in our house as well, rocking a 77!!

Never thought of using it in the classroom - I wonder if 1st graders can handle it :)

Anonymous said...

Creative idea. I would love to hear more about how you plan to use it at the beginning of the year and as a break time. Thanks for the tip. I am new to your blog, and I'm enjoying checking in each day.