Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Sky is Falling...The Sky is Falling

I feel like a slacker because I've yet to complete the video I've been working on to wrap up "sub binder week."

Except I haven't been slacking.  

In fact the opposite is true.

I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  Which is why the irony was not lost on me this morning when not one...not two...but three acorns fell onto my head while I was out for my morning walk with the twins.  

Acorns build up speed as they fall and they kind of hurt.

In case you were wondering.

So, "why so crazed" you ask?

I'll tell you.

I spontaneously decided on Friday that we needed a dining room.  We live in a Cape style house which means small rooms.  For the 4 years we've lived here we have used the 3 season room as a "dining room" and the eat-in kitchen at other times.

In MA "three seasons" really means you can use it from mid-May through Mid October so technically you touch upon both fall and spring, but in reality we aren't getting 9 months a year out of the place.

Since we now have two more mouths to feed it requires two more seats at the table which makes for some cozy meals.  So on a whim I announced to hubby on Friday (via a midday email at work...he loves those) that I had a plan.

We are painting the walls and floors of the garage and moving the "Home Depotey items" (translations tools and other crap that bores me) into the garage and out of the basement.  We are moving my home studio/office from the office into the basement (which means MORE painting and floor work).  We are moving the guest room/playroom into the space that is the office and the current playroom is becoming a dining room.  Which also needs to be painted.

And if this was not ambitious enough with three Littles underfoot, I have set a two week deadline.

Because in two weeks we are hosting the twins first birthday party.

Which is quickly becoming a little less "birthday partyish" and a little more like a "function."

I have involved a florist.  I am debating a caterer. And since I am now going all out I am thinking I might need a photographer because when you are hosting a party and balancing a twin on each hip there is little time to snap pictures.  And let's be honest people.  This event is ALL about the pictures.

I stumbled upon this site:

It's killing me.  I'm now finding myself making cloth banners, food labels, favors and a bunch of other stuff that is making my head spin.

Oh also starts in a few weeks.

And we are going to Maine next weekend.

And don't forget that I gave up coffee.  Oh, how I miss my beloved Starbucks.

So long story short: The sub binder will wrap up asap.  And watch out when you walk under trees because acorns hurt.


Oh, Snapp! said...

Thank you so much for devoting the time to sharing your wonderful tips on creating a sub binder! As a trying-to-find-a-full-time-newly-graduated-teacher, I am trying to soak up as much as I can before getting into the "hot seat" so to speak! :)

P.S. Good luck with ALL that you have going on - I give you much credit for doing it without coffee!

Kelly said...

Oh boy, giving up coffee and this at the same time? Yikes. I hope you get a lot of this done before school starts!

jday129 said...

Best of luck with all your projects.
Go for the caterer and the photgrapher and enjoy your "function!"