Monday, August 2, 2010

Find It / Fix It

I think I'm getting to that point of blogging where I can't remember what the heck I've already blogged about and what I have not.

Perhaps I am kidding myself and in reality I have reached that point of LIFE where I can't remember what the heck I've already done and have not.

Either way, I find it very hard to believe that I would not have already blogged about this, but enough readers have emailed me to ask about it that I'm guessing I might not have.  And even if I did already blog about this, it is so flipping fantastic that it is worth mentioning again.

May I get a drumroll please?  

Shine the spotlight.

I present to you:

Find it / Fix it

I listed it in the procedure template I made and it peaked the curiosity of many.  What is it?  It's only the absolute best thing I ever came up with to get my room super duper clean and organized each and every afternoon before dismissal.

It's sort of a game.

But, not really.

If kids think it is a game they will want to play along.  If you simply tell them to clean the room they may not be so interested. 

Here's how it works:

Picture a classroom at the end of a school day.  While it may not be a complete disaster, there are surely things out of place.  I'm talking about things like a pencil on the floor, a pillow that is not straight, papers left on desks, a random crayon in the colored pencil box, a stapler left out of place (usually by me), books that are not facing the same direction, a goldfish cracker lying belly up just waiting to be crushed by a pint-sized Croc, and other nit-picky things.

You pick one of those things and secretly put it into your brain.  Then you tell the kids to "Find it / Fix It."  At that point they scurry around like little elves and perfect the imperfections of the day.  The whole scene lasts about 1-2 minutes.  It doesn't end when the mystery item is found, but rather when the room is perfect.

The rules are simple: No talking, no running, no crawling under tables and no moving something unless you know for sure where it needs to go.  The last one is important because you'll always get some kiddo who shuffles things to look busy.  If a child talks, crawls or runs they are 'disqualified' and must sit down.

After everything is made to look spotless and every last thing is in it's place, I tell them to return to their seats to find out who won.  I have them stand behind their chairs and will give them elimination clues to reveal the "winner."  I say things like, "the winner is wearing shorts" or "the number of letters in the winner's first name is an even number."  As the year goes on I incorporate a lot of math practice by saying "the number of letters in the winner's last name is the sum of 4 + 3" and things like that.  As they are eliminated they sit down until only one friend is left standing.

It wouldn't be any fun without a "prize."  The prize is that the Find it Fix it winner earns a tally (a behavior incentive in my class) and gets to be the "helper of the day" on the following school day.  That simply means they mail the folders and bring any messages I have up to the office.

Want to know a secret?  Come closer and I'll whisper it.

It's usually rigged.  

I try to make it fair so that everyone gets a chance to be the helper.  I will often pick the winner before they start playing and will watch to see what he/she fixes and claim that was the "secret thing."  I then put a little dot next to their name on my roster so I know that the student has had a chance to be the winner.

Either way you play your room will be clean.  Add this to your first week plans and tell others.  I promise you will be glad you did.  It's so nice to have the classroom looking perfect as the kids leave so your prep for the next day is much easier.


Mrs. Cagle's Class said...

Love this! Will definitely be incorporating it into my room this fall.

:-) Kellee

Miss JoAnne said...

This sounds like such a great game! Thanks for brightening my day :)

Sunny said...

That is a great idea. Thanks for sharing it! I always make my students help pick up the room and am constantly flabbergasted after school when I go into other rooms and see papers/pencils/etc on the floor. It would drive me crazy...and honestly the kids like seeing who can pick up the most stuff ;)

cdr2009 said...

That is AWESOME. I'm totally gonna do this with my 1st graders this year.

Michele said...

Okay, that is seriously the MOST awesome game ever! I LOVE YOU!! Thank you!!!!

Anonymous said...

I also play a "Mystery Crumb" game at the end of some of our busiest cutting and pasting days. ("Crumb" is my official word for paper scraps on the floor.)
I tell the kids there is "Mystery Crumb" and they spend 1-2 minutes picking up every morsel of paper they can find. They each show me their handful as they dispose of their "crumbs" in the trash. The student that collects that one piece of "Mystery Crumb" (I also pick it out in my head ahead of time, usually a very small hard to find piece that I want picked up) receives a prize from me. The kids love it and room so spotless that the custodian thanks us for doing all the work.
Try it!

Cyndy said...

I even think this will work with my 4 year old!!! LOL! Thanks for yet another GREAT idea!!!

Lillie said...

I do this! I call it "magical scrap". Love the idea of eliminating kids with clues. Thanks!

Ginger Snaps said...

That is such a cute idea!! I love it!!

CoolTeach said...

I love it! So simple and yet even my 5ths will run around the room in order to "win"!! Hard to believe we don't all think of these things. Guess that's why you are the blogger :) Thanks for the tip.

Luanne Lewis said...

I have done this with my kindergarten class the last two days and they LOVE it and I LOVE it!!! THANK YOU-- I've already shared your idea with my team.