Friday, April 30, 2010

3D Bulletin Boards - Featured Friday

Today's Featured Friday Topic is:
3D Bulletin Boards
I was recently visiting my friend Jill's room and noticed her cool science bulletin board.  I was reminded about how much I love adding 3D elements to boards.
She had created a display for her fifth graders that included an actual terrarium and seeds.  Both were showcased in clear containers and labeled.  It looked great.

With a little imagination...or a walk through a craft, party or dollar store for'll find many ideas for making your bulletin boards more interesting.
I love to add interesting borders by attaching vines, fake foliage, holiday lights, garland, streamers, hawaiian leis, etc to the edges in place of commercial border.  

Most items can be attached with push pins or hot glue.  Be creative! Have fun!  
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