Thursday, April 29, 2010

Free Storage Containers - Thrifty Thursday

Today's Thrifty Thursday Tip is:
Free Storage Containers
Places like Ikea make me giddy.  The Container Store brings me happiness that words can not describe.  Yet, there are many fantastic items available that will serve the same purpose for FREE!  Below is a list of some of my favorite containers for sorting, storing and organizing: 
Pringles Cans
Crystal Lite Canisters 
Baby Wipes Container
Formula Cans
Baby Food Containers (these are great for small items...I avoid the glass ones for safety reasons)
Smart Ones dishes (handy for passing out small supplies or manipulatives)
Parmesan Cheese containers (I like these because they are clear)
Microwavable Soup Cans (these usually open in a way so that there are no sharp edges)
Copy Paper Boxes (I love the sturdiness and uniformity, but I always cover them in contact paper)

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Anonymous said...

I just bought a frozen juice can that's plastic. I thought I'd save money by buying these now instead of plastic bottles of juice (or even the cardboard containers). It occurred to me that I could hot-glue several together, spray paint them, and use them for storing markers, etc. Or I JUST thought I could glue just 2 together, spray paint, and use them for calling on students with popsicle sticks!