Monday, April 5, 2010

Under Bench Storage - No Mess Monday

Today's No Mess Monday Tip for Classroom Organization is:
Under Bench Storage

In many classrooms, storage is limited.  Finding items that are multi-purpose is always helpful.  The photos above show class meeting areas where the student seating doubles as storage for student supplies.  The 1st photo is from a 5th grade classroom.  The teacher turned milkcrates onto their sides and attached wood planks with hardware.  

The 2nd photo is from a 4th grade classroom.  The teacher bought unfinished wood shelves, turned them onto their sides and painted them to match her room.  She used baskets to keep the student's books and papers organized.  The baskets can be moved around the room as needed.  Most big name craft stores (i.e. Michaels and AC Moore) carry these shelves and usually offer a weekly 40% off coupon on their website.  AC Moore also has a teacher card available for a 5% savings.
Thanks to my creative coworkers -Jill and Kara- for letting me photograph their meeting areas and share their creative ideas. 
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