Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Posts Are Coming

I swear it.

I've slacked this week.

And by slacked, I don't mean bonbons and Oprah.  

Oh, how fun would THAT be?  Does anyone really do that?  

Note to self - sometime before retirement take a Bon Bon and Oprah personal day.

My slacking from blogging has been made up for ten times over in other areas.

Because next week, our little Party of 5, is taking to the air and traveling from the green state in the Northeast to the yellow one in the south to hang with the Mouse.

My organizational skills are being tested like never before as I pack for this little getaway.  My head is spinning with to do lists and tasks.  In a moment of pure brilliance, I packaged up all of our clothes and SHIPPED them to Disney.  

That's right we are leaving  our oversized, monogrammed as newlyweds, bought-for-the-honeymoon luggage at home and our couture is traveling ahead of us via Fed Ex.  I LOVED the idea of not having to schlep luggage.  I LOVED the idea of not having to worry if all of my cutesy-cutesy-matchy-matchy outfits for the kids would arrive or be lost.  I can use my handy tracking number to watch it make it's way down 95 South via Fed Ex ground.  I LOVED that I would have a signature for the person responsible for receiving my package further ensuring that my fabulous kiddie clothes and I would reunite in Orlando.

I was seriously about to nominate myself as genius of the year.

And then I realized something.

The true owner of the title, "Genius of the Year" would be smart enough to inventory his/her underwear and not put the majority of it in a box on a truck and send it 1300 miles away.

And so, in addition to being a frantic trip planner this week, I must now go out tonight and purchase new underwear.

The posts are coming.  I promise.  
As an added bonus, next week will feature great tips for travel.   Teacher vacation season is coming soon.  

Consider today's "never ship all of your underwear to the Sunshine State without you" tip a freebie.

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