Monday, May 3, 2010

It's Beginning to Feel A lot Like Summer

Yesterday, we piled the family into the way back time machine, um I mean the SUV, and headed north to beach.  As a kid, I would spend a few days here with my grandparents.  It was so. much. fun!  

There was sand and surf.

There was fried dough.

There was skee ball and arcade games...back in the day when people had to go to actual arcades to play video games.

There were photo booths.

There were lines of stores that sold cheap, inappropriate tshirts.

There were lines of stores that sold cheap airbrushed tshirts.

That was 20+ years ago.

And nothing has changed.


This is the same rusted, metal merry-go-round that my four year old sandy feet crouched on.

And this is the same metal slide that I burned my behind on circa 1981.  

Seriously. What mastermind put a metal slide in a sunny spot in an area where children play with much flesh exposed.  And why hasn't someone come along and declared it a hazard?

There is nothing classy about this place.  But, if you can look past the shady, but harmless crowd (My gramma describes it as "Honky Tonk.") and the Simpsons tshirts, there's a fun little day trip to be found.

The beach is clean and the sand is soft.  There is a lot of room and there are easy to access bathrooms.

There are some yummy restaurants that offer roof-deck dining overlooking the ocean, friendly service, good prices, live entertainment and cold drinks.
And the fried dough.  Oh, the fried dough.  I'm so glad somethings don't change.

And babies in bathing suits and sun hats sure do look cute no matter where you plop them.

We capped off our fried dough breakfast and lunch on the roof deck with some at home sprinkler fun, steak tips on the grill and a trip to the local ice cream stand with kids in PJs before bed. 

Everything about the day screamed: SUMMER VACATION

Accept it was May 2nd.

And summer vacation doesn't start in these here parts until June 25th.

And it's Monday.

And it's the week before math MCAS.

The fun will have to wait.

Hopefully my SUV will still smell like yesterday's sunscreen to enhance my morning commute...all 1 mile of it.

Happy Monday people.  Hope your weekends were stellar!

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