Friday, April 2, 2010

Curses to You Easter Bunny

Retailers deal with Christmas.

Accountants face the deadline of April 15th.

Wedding planners scurry around in June.


Well, when are we not busy really?


There are some times of the year that jump out as extra crazy.

As in hubby knows to just steer clear of me and pick up the slack on the homefront crazy.

August and September clearly take the cake.

June is a close runner-up as the year winds down and my energy is spread between packing up a classroom and managing the behaviors of a room full of kids who probably checked out mentally 3 weeks prior.  June is tough because you also factor in the emotions of "the end."  I never like to see a class go.  I could get down with the Laura Ingalls Wilder school house thing.

But, I digress.

Because I am currently in the throws of my third crazy part of the year.  

State mandated-get out your #2 pencil-bubble until you can bubble no more-test season.

The thing is, they are ready.  We work hard all year and teach them what they need to know and they are brilliant.  I am proud of our hard work and the hard work of their teachers before me.  Our joint efforts have produced little geniuses and this week they have the opportunity to prove to the state of Massachusetts that they are, as we say in these here parts,  "Wicked smAHt" students with good teachers.

Except, despite all of our combined efforts, there are variables out of our control.  And oh how I hope they do not negatively factor in.

The forecast for the long weekend is...gorgeous!

Seriously, they are calling for sunny skies and temps that will rival a June day.  Some of my kiddos will be traveling for the holiday.  Others will have family visiting them.  Their routines will be shot, they will be sleeping on air mattresses, they will be staying up late and they will be playing outside in shorts.  It will feel like summer vacation for sure.  And with summer vacation comes a mental shift from school to leisure.

But, they need to take the biggest test of the year immediately following this weekend of summer-like fun.

Oh, wait.

Let's also factor in that there is a good chance that they will arrive to school with a Cadbury egg in each cheek and blood sugar levels that are through the roof.  

Sugar crashes and belly aches should help them focus on the test.

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