Thursday, April 8, 2010

Trading Books - Thrifty Thursday

Today's Thrifty Thursday Tip is:
Trading Books

I love today’s Thrifty Thursday tip.

Because I love books.

And because we are so close to that cherished little thing called “summer vacation” when you get to read books for pleasure.

OK, I admit it.  I tend to read ‘teacher books’ in the summer.  But, I also read a bunch of books just for fun too.

Today I want to tell you about a gem of a website called Paper Back Book Swap.    If you visit the site you can get all the details and even watch a quick video that explains how it works, but I’ll give you the quick overview.

You sign-up (quick and easy).

You post books you own and no longer need (super fast).

You pick out new books you want instead.

People mail them to you FOR FREE.


Alright, you got me.  Nothing is totally free in this world is it.  The only “cost” is when you send a book to someone else.  You pay for the shipping.  

But, it’s media mail.  And usually only a little over $2.00. 

You can even print the shipping label on regular old white paper and drop it in the mailbox.  I avoid the post office whenever possible so I’m a fan of that little feature.

When you sign up and list 10 books you’ll get 2 credits for free books immediately.  So you can try it out without worrying about it.  

They have books for please.  They have books for children.  I’ve even received some amazing teacher resource books (Daiy 5, Classrooms That Work, Making Words, etc.)

If you do decide to sign up, pretty pretty please use the following link: 

If you use the link above to join, I'll get a free book when you post your first ten books (and you'll still get free books for posting them!) 

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futureflstar said...

Stumbled upon your blog from your It's Not All Flowers and Sausages post. I am so excited to read more! :) I am a first year teacher...preparing for my 2nd year and wish I had found your blog sooner! Hooray!

Littlest Learners said...

Thanks for the feedback! I hope you find some useful info. I hope you've had a great 1st year!