Thursday, January 27, 2011

Target Stampede

Seriously folks. Get in your car and go. Now! I have found me a Target Dollar Spot Treasure and you need them too.


They are clipboards.
Cheaply-made, cardboard clipboards.

I almost passed them up because unlike Timex which "takes a licking and keeps on ticking," there was no way that these puppies would stand even a day of abuse by the third grade crowd.

But, the funky patterns and cool colors which totally match my, make that work in progress...classroom decor, had me at Hello and I just couldn't stop myself from tossing three of them into my big red cart.

I took them out of their bag the next morning (along with the matching file folders that also hopped into my cart because I died just a little when I saw them) and there was a chorus of ooohs and ahhhs in the classroom. I love my class for many-a-reason, but the fact that they appreciate a colorful office supply as much as I do gets them bonus points.

That's when I had my light bulb moment.

They are thin and lightweight and come with a retractable little metal hook with a hole in it.

You can pushpin it into the wall or you could hot glue it to a bulletin board.

And then just lift the metal clip and attach papers underneath. So here's what I'm thinking...

I will stalk every Target in the area and acquire an entire class set of these bad boys. I will then mount them onto a bulletin board, put a friend's name next to each one and easily display their work by slipping it under the clip. It will be a thing of beauty.

Too bad we're snowed in again or I would be at Target right now. Actually that's a lie. If we weren't snowed in I would be at school right now. But, alas I am home today and as of today's snow day I will also be in school on June 27th. Summer officially starts on June 21st. Color me bitter.


Amanda said...

Wooo hooo! Target... here I come!

Michele said...

Oh my gosh, what an awesome idea!! I'm totally going Target stalking this weekend!!

ChiTown Girl said...

I also made a Target run this week, and as always, found a million things in the dollar bins that I just HAD to have for school!!! This week, I found little metal buckets, decorated with all kinds of different things (some were Valentine-themed, some had stripes, stars, polka dots, hand-prints, oh so cute!) that I picked up to hold crayons. I also picked up some wire-mesh baskets to use for books. I REALLY need to stay out of Target!!

Katie Bug said...

Thank you for posting this! I only have one bulletin board in my classroom (which is used for calendar), so the "in the wall with a thumbtack solution to display student work" will be great for me. My facilities manager will love me forever for not putting 1,000 staples in the wall!