Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's Official

We got the call.

It's official.

No school tomorrow due to the forecast of snow.

I loved reading all your comments with your thoughts on the snow day.

Despite my preference for not having school cancelled, it was great fun to watch the little man do a happy dance when I announced there was no school tomorrow.

Because when you are 5, your very first snow day is a big deal.

It's totally dance-worthy.

I heart that we got the call today. Not that I'll sleep past 5 am anyhow, but at least the phone won't ring and wake the wee folk.

Because the longer the wee folk sleep, the longer the mama sips the coffee. Which can only mean good things for all those involved.

We had a very productive day today and I love the magical period of January through March when the classroom just clicks. But, I'll be making the most of the midweek day off.

On the agenda is pajama-wearing and cookie baking.

The little man "has a hypothesis" (though if you ask him he has a High-Pop-I-Sis) that it would be a great idea to add chocolate chips to oatmeal cookies. I am certainly not about to deny the child of believing that he is the original inventor of the oatmeal-chocolate chip cookie so we will conduct our "experiment" tomorrow.

Seems like a lot of you will be home tomorrow too. Enjoy.


Courtney said...

Enjoy. I just got my 2 hour delay call, which will probably end up being a no school call in the morning.

Ms.M said...

I feel for you. I get to go back tomorrow. When I found out I almost did my happy dance.

Ms. M

ashly2499 said...
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ashly2499 said...

We just found out we out AGAIN tomorrow for snow! That's the 4th day in a row! We have 13 built in snow days, but I'm still getting a little restless. On the upside, with all the free time I started a first grade teaching blog!
Check out my unit on Arctic animals.