Saturday, January 8, 2011


It's a good thing we don't make resolutions around these parts because this was our breakfast on New Year's Day.
OK so only the Boy had marshmallows, chocolate syrup and whip cream on his crepe, but my crepe spread with Nutella wasn't much healthier.

I did intend to post about my New Year's bulletin board today.

It came out super-cute.

But, I completely spaced on taking a picture of it and it's not nearly as cute if I just describe it to you so I'll wait until Monday night for that.

In the meantime, I figured I would take this opportunity to link to one of my summer posts about a Back to School idea I had shared involving New Year hats and tiaras.

Because you can get them super cheap right about now.

Since not many people will be hosting "Happy 2011" parties now that that ball has dropped, you can snag some bargain-priced hats, tiaras, blowers, and noisemakers to rock in the new school year in September (or August for those of you who start back earlier than moi).

Here's the linky to my August Post

.....ahhhh, August!

Hot. Sunny. Beach-weather August.

And on that note, enjoy your weekend in whatever climate you are in.

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