Friday, January 28, 2011

COLLEGE: Then and Now

Think back to college.

And yes I do realize for some of you spring chickens it was only last year, but that’s fine.

You know that annoying person that was in every. single. class. She was easy to spot because she sat in the front row and monopolized 85% of the discussion. She thought she was so much older and wiser because she had “life experience.” Yeah, that’s the one.

I had a sad realization today when I concluded that I am now THAT person.

Don’t mess with karma people.

I made fun of THAT person. I rolled my eyes at THAT person. Now I am THAT person.

Karma will get you every time.

I’m convinced that is why there is a minivan in my driveway.

But, do you want to know something? THAT person really was wiser. Or at least I think I am. :P

So much has changed since I’ve taken classes. Which incidentally wasn’t as long ago as it feels. The coffee is better. The technology is better. The parties are probably better too, but I wouldn’t know because I don’t get out at night.

So as I sit surrounded by PDFs with scribbled notes in the margins, empty Starbucks mugs and other school-related clutter that cause me anxiety, I’ve decided to take a break and focus on how things are the same.


10. I live in a house with roommates who are party animals and want nothing more than to have fun all the time. They tend to be too loud at night and want to nap during the day.

9. I find it hard to concentrate with loud music in the background, yet somebody always has it on. I will say I did prefer Dave Matthews to the theme song to Elmo’s World.

8. It’s still OK to wear your jeans more than once without washing them.

7. I ate Ramen Noodles for lunch last week. Don’t judge me.

6. Textbooks are still way overpriced.

5. There are always empty bottles lying around. Granted these have traces of milk and not Bud Light, but still there are always empty bottles lying around,

4. I only have two hairstyles: ponytail or wet and up in a towel

3. Highlighters are fun.

2. I spend more time debating whose turn it is to clean the dishes than it would take to just do them.

1. Two Words: Pizza. Delivery.

Only now when he comes to the door I can hand him a twenty and wait for my change instead of paying him in chage...that was collected from pockets, couch cushions and the floor of a car. Although given the rate of tuition I'm pretty sure that will be the case by next semester.


Finding Normal said...

I prefer my online classes. So I can be THAT student and not realize it much because the young, cute things are not right in front of me. And highlighters? Totally rock. I luv the clicky ones!

Amy said...

So funny! And very true!

Ashley said...

There was a news piece on our local tv station the other day talking about Goodwill. You can go online and buy used textbooks from them and they are way cheaper than even, because they are donated to Goodwill and not sold to them. You might want to try it out!

Rachelle said...

SO TRUE!!!!!!! I'm laughing about Ramen. I lived on it in college. That and caffeine. :)

mikey said...

This is hysterical!! I can totally relate...glad I found your blog :)

Suzan said...

I am absolutely rolling in the floor - what a hoot! Thanks for the laughs.