Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy, Ummm.....January 22nd?

OK, so "Happy New Year" was oh-so-three weeks ago.

But, lucky for me I did not make a resolution to be more punctual about blogging in real time.

Also lucky for me that I did not make a resolution to eat healthy because these days off from school with three kids and "inclement" weather leave me with little to do but bake cookies. I'm about 3.5 dozen cookies away from consuming more cookies in 2011 than Santa does on all of Christmas Eve.

And remember, the dude hits a lot of houses.

Anyhoo...better late than never right?

I wanted to share my super-cute New Year's Bulletin Board. The kids wrote and published a paragraph about a goal they have for 2011. I'm on a kick to work in as much craftiness as I can so I then had them each create a little paper version of themselves to go with it. I hot glued the party blowers on.

I do love 3D elements of a bulletin board.
I also cut the hat in half, snipped about 1.5 inches in and folded it down to make tabs. I stapled that to the board along with a tiara.

Don't fret about the fact that it is January 22nd. Remember you can now get the hats and blowers super cheap and do a Happy New Year board for the new school year in September. It would also make a cute board to write about birthdays.

And on a sidenote: I realized how starved for creativity my kiddos were during this project. While the scissors were snipping and the glue was oozing, a student fell off of her chair...AND BROKE HER FINGER. As in, no-gym-for-a-month-wear-a-little-metal-brace broke her finger. And nobody noticed.

I had been hunched over a friend helping him work the scissors (on 2nd thought, that should have tipped me off that they were starved for creativity, but I digress) when my injured young student approached me frantically saying, "I need to go to the nurse. I hurt my finger."

As she was whisked off to the nurse, I inquired about what had happened. Her chair was upright. There had not been a thud or a scream. In a room of 23 students, nobody could tell me what happened. Instead I heard, "I was busy glueing my hair on" and "I was cutting out my mouth and didn't see a thing."

Ahhh....successful integration of the arts. Well, minus ending the day with one student who can't work a glue bottle or a pair of scissor for 4-6 weeks.

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Sunny said...

My kiddos had their last art class this past Tuesday. As much as they already beg me to let them draw, I can only imagine how much worse it'll get once they don't have that creative outlet :(