Friday, January 7, 2011

Sometimes Labeling Kids is Good

I mentioned in my clip chart post yesterday that I use labels as my only real incentive.

As in actual labels.

The sticky, adhesive kind.

I had them printed through VP, but you can easily run a sheet of blank labels through your printer for the same effect.

When a child reaches "outstanding" (the top of my chart) they receive a printed label to take home. I was thinking that at the 3rd grade level they would quietly put them into their folders. I was thinking that the fact that I made them pink (to match that section on my chart) would be an issue with third grade boys.

Wrong on both accounts.

They opt to wear the labels on their shirts.

One boy told me that he sticks them on his trophy shelf when he gets home because they are "kind of like an award."

Parents report that the wee ones rush through the door to show off their labels.

Couldn't be easier.

Couldn't be more effective.

See, sometimes "labeling kids" is a good thing.

Happy Weekend Friends!

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