Monday, May 24, 2010

Classroom Inspiration

As one school year winds down I always find myself looking ahead to the next.  I like to get my classroom ready for the fall before I start summer vacation.  These links are mainly for my reference, but hopefully they will benefit my readers as well.

I began using the Daily Five this year.

Love it!

I'm super-psyched for next year because the 2nd grade has used it this year too.  That will make things easier for me in the fall.  

Mrs. Maiolo's Classroom: I heart the way she switched the letters in CAFE around to spell FACE.  I'm totally on that.  However, instead of the little post-its to show what a child is working on, I plan to laminate head shots of all my little friends to mark their spots.

Get it?  FACE.  Their faces.  Cute, huh?

Mrs. Croak's Classroom: Mrs. Croak's Cafe Board is unlike any other I've seen.  It's a creative use of space.  My room is a good size, but wall space is limited so this alternative is really appealing.

Mrs. Kady: Mrs. Kady's Book Nook system is adorable.  This would also be great for pairing reading buddy's for the Read to Someone block.


Sunny said...

Oh great links! I think I am going to try Daily 5/CAFE for 2010-2011. I love their stuff so much and so many creative people have spent a lot of time making super fabulous stuff to go with the program. Lovin' it!

Littlest Learners said...

Sunny: I've really liked the bit that I've dabbled with and am looking forward to implementing even more next year. The thing that I enjoy most about D5/CAFE is that you can use it with any reading series of none at all. I heard that there was a really good user group on yahoo for D5. I'm going to check it out this summer.

nola :) said...

Thanks for your wonderful blog, I just found it last week and love it :) I was wondering if you do Daily 5 and literacy stations? I am used to doing literacy stations (I love Debbie Diller), but am trying to figure out if it's a good idea to try adding Daily 5 instead with the Houghton Mifflin curr. my district has been given this year. Any advice would be much appreciated :)