Monday, May 24, 2010

Days of the Week Boxes: No Mess Monday

Today's No Mess Monday Tip is: Days of the Week Boxes

By now you must be feeling my love for magazine sorters.  Seriously.  What can't you use them for?

Anyhow, here they are again.  This time they are being featured as a method to organize your materials for the week.  You'll notice that I have a box dedicated to each day of the week.  As I plan, prep and copy, I add everything to the box that corresponds to the day on which I will use them.

I heart this system for several reasons.

#1 It's pretty.  I looks good.  It's labeled.  It's neat.  What's not to love?

#2 It's flexible.  If I don't get to something on Tuesday then I simply shift it over to Wednesday's box.

#3 It's self-explanatory.  If I am out for an unexpected absence then it makes it very easy to direct a sub to my daily plans and materials.

A few weeks ago I posted about how I organize my reading program materials.  I prep those materials WAY ahead of time (by unit) and store them in their weekly box.  As the time to use them approaches, I take everything out of it's weekly unit box and sort it into the weekday box for the following week.

In the past I have done something very similar with plastic drawers, but find that this works a tad bit better for me because of the size and the ease of flipping through the contents.

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futureflstar said...

Oh I must get myself some of these. I have been using white plastic bins with the days of the week on them(stickers) and they are so bulky.
Where do you get them?