Monday, May 17, 2010

An Organized Teacher's Desk = A Happy Teacher

Today's No Mess Monday Topic is: The Teacher Desk

I know that I function best in a clean, organized workspace.

Shocker, huh?

It sounds obvious, but it's easy to let your desk get cluttered.  Taking the time to organize it and to establish methods of maintaining order are well worth it.

I like my desktop to be completely clear.  It gives me room to work when I am planning and it provides a positive model for my students.  To keep it clean I did a few things:

I removed anything that was not a job necessity from the area.  I love my kids and think they are adorable, but I don't keep framed pictures on my desk.  I do have a few tacked to the wall next to my desk (along with some of my son's finer preschool artwork).  I also choose to not store knick-knacks and other cutesy things there.

I took the items that are typically found on a teacher's desktop and relocated them to my top left drawer.  They are still very easy for me to access, but are not cluttering the area.  This includes things like post-its, a stapler, tape, etc.
I like to use small containers within the drawer to keep things organized.  Labeling the baskets is helpful too.  There are some great desk organizer products available, but I prefer to keep everything out of sight.

I use my bottom left drawer to house my extra office supplyish type thingies.

Chances are you will never find yourself in a situation that warrants the immediate use of 3 rolls of tape, 4 boxes of staples and 2.5 bottles of White Out.  I keep all of these items in plastic pencil boxes in the drawer and keep only one of each accessible.

Once your desk is organized, develop routines to make it easy to stay that way.  Get into the habit of always clearing off your desktop at the end of prep, before lunch and before you leave for the day.


Sunny said...

I am a huge stickler for having a clean desk before I leave school at the end of a day. That doesn't mean its clean all day long but before I leave, I do file or take care of the stuff I have set there during the day.

My first year teaching I was a long-term sub filling in for someone. It took me 2 HOURS to clean off her desk, it was such a mess. I stayed after school (when I wasn't getting paid extra because I was a sub) to do it because I couldn't stand it, it was so bad and just set the tone for the rest of the room.

I love coming to school and seeing a clutter free and clean desk. It just makes tackling the "To Do" stuff in my baskets so much easier.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree! Behind my table (I don't have a desk) which also doubles as my small group table, I have my built-in cabinet from which I hung a lime green mesh shoe organizer. I keep everything in its own pocket, post it notes, paper clips, scissors, everything I could need in a day!

cbteacher said...

I have tried and tried to keep my desk clean throughout the day with little or no success. I am going to try your idea. Thanks I love your site!

Amy Kam said...

I love your desk, and I love the white corner shelf. Amazon has been little help, so will you tell me where you got it?