Monday, July 6, 2009

Starting Point

I dragged Hubby into school this morning with the hopes of getting my room set up.  I was told the cleaning crew would be done last Friday and I would be all set.  Well, that would be true for all but two classrooms...mine and my teaching partner.  Supposedly they'll be back this week to finish.  Let's hope.

Right now my room looks like this.  It's a new room for me.  It's smaller than my old room, but the higher ceilings give the illusion that it is bigger.  I do like the higher ceilings.  I'm really starting to feel every bit of being "7 months pregnant with twins in the summer" so I'm anxious to get in there and get it set up before I get really sore and exhausted.  

My goal is to keep it simple and organized for the sub so that it is easy for him/her to find everything and implement routines as close to my own as possible. 

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