Monday, July 27, 2009

Shop 'Til You Drop

That's how the phrase goes..."shop 'til you drop."  Unfortunately, this 'pregnant-with-twins-on-a- hot-July-day' thing makes it harder to shop and easier to drop.  I was exhausted 10 minutes into my Walmart adventure, but the back to school shopping has begun.

As I mentioned in a previous entry, we collect money and gather all of the kids' supplies ourselves.  Normally this makes me giddy. This year it makes me tired.  I thought I was being smart by taking all of the store flyers to Walmart because they will honor competitor prices.  I figured we could tackle all of the weekly sales in one stop.  I was surprised to find that Walmart lacked the usual aisles and aisles of school supplies.  Instead they had one aisle and it was almost empty.

I did get my Crayola crayons for .25 cents, but not the glue sticks.

I gathered 30 boxes of Crayola colored pencils for $1.00.  In the past these usually go on sale for .88 cents, but I figured .12 cents a box wasn't worth returning for down the road.

That was it.  Everything else was missing.  I was even going to break my 'only Crayola' rule and buy the Roseart water colors that were in the Target flyer, but Walmart no longer carries them.

While I was there I decided to check to see if they happened to have any Rashguards in stock for my 4 year old surfer dude.  On my way to the kid's section I did find a display of Crayola markers next to Walmart's "fine jewelry" counter and was able to cross those off my list.

Tired, waddling and hot I made my way to the register.  The friendly cashier looked me up and down and said, "How many do you have in there?  Two?"  Man, is it that obvious?  I must look lovely.

I sent hubby into my classroom on his way to work this morning to drop off my loot.  The last thing I needed to deal with was melted crayons in the back of my SUV.  I'm anxiously awaiting a report from him on the condition of my rugs.  My guess is that they still haven't been done.  My bigger guess is that they won't be back to do them.  I'm planning on going in on Thursday and start setting up.

Either I'll get the room set up or Murphy's Law will kick in and they will come clean the room while I'm there.  Either way it is progress.

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