Friday, July 10, 2009

Going Buggy....MAYBE

I'll admit it.  I have theme envy.

I love themes.

Themes make me happy.

It just doesn't make sense to go all out on a new theme since I'll be on maternity leave until December.  Things need to be organized and streamlined for my sub.

But (insert me stomping my feet with clenched fists) I want a theme!!!!!

Luckily my son's birthday is coming up and I can get a theme fix there.  After much debate his party theme switched from "Christmas in July" to "Fiesta" to "Under the Sea" to it's current (and permanent) theme "Insects."  I do love the Christmas in July idea, but decided that would be best saved for next year when I can reap the benefits of 90% discounts on holiday decor, plates and napkins in January.

The bug themed birthday has me thinking a bug themed classroom would be fun for my next theme.  The irony...I HATE BUGS.  I seriously think that every mosquito bite I get will result in my contracting the West Nile Virus and that my backyard is filled with Deer Ticks just stalking me and waiting to embed into my skin and give me Lyme Disease.  I'm a bit of a hypocondriac...can you tell?

Anyhow, real bugs are gross...cartoony bugs in my classroom will be cute.  

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