Thursday, December 30, 2010

Intentionally Disheveled

Since I noticed the lovely portrait of me looking all disheveled with my shiny new iPad was appearing in the "people I follow" section of some of your wonderful blogs, I was inspired to put up a new post quickly.

And I figured I would find inspiration in being disheveled to share with you my favorite way to do a bulletin board.

All disheveled-ish.

There was once a time that I made myself crazy trying to create symmetrical, straight boards. I used rulers. I used yard sticks. I even had a little level to aid in my attempts at perfection.

It never worked.

Something would always be off center or at an angle that was a few degrees from where I had wanted it to be.

And it made me crazy to look at it.

I would cringe each time I walked by.

Then I adopted the "just go with it" philosophy and started slanting my letters left and right. I put up the kids' work with a zig and a zag.

And in its own messy way it was perfect.

My new favorite thing to do is to add creative interest by stapling the corners of the papers and adding a little wiggly-wave in the middle.

Isn't it fun?


Amy said...

How did you make that beautiful sign in the center of the board? Are all of your bulletin boards so lovely? I would love to see more photos of your classroom and how you organize it... I'll have to look through your archives now! Thanks for sharing.

Ms.M said...

Oh I too gave up on "perfect" bulletin boards some time ago. I like the way you puckered the paper. I will have to try it. I tend to like putting my students work at an angle or askew.

Ms. M

Cyndy said...

Adorable bulletin board! Love the look of it! I go insane trying to get them straight so I often don't go straight anymore either. Too stressful! LOL! Those houses are adorable by the way! Can you remind me to do that next Dec??

cdr2009 said...

I do this, too! So much easier than trying to make everything perfectly straight (and I pretty much have OCD...I'd go crazy if my goal was for things to be straight and they weren't)! Cute bulletin board idea, too! =)