Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Be Prepared

Some of you are already 2 days into your winter break.

Color me jealous.

Are you wondering when my break starts?

I'll tell you.

It begins on Thursday.

Thursday, December 23rd.

Yeah, the December 23rd that precedes Christmas Eve.

At 3:10 p.m.

I know, right?

Oddly enough, I've managed to keep the chaos to a minimum and have banked two productive days. The key to keeping the sugar plums dancing in their heads at bay is to keep the structure and routines going.

We're hanging in there. I'm actually really impressed with how typical our days feel. I feel like a Grinch for making them draft open responses and solve 3-digit equations while the elves are putting the finishing touches on their loot up at the North Pole, but we can't spare to lose any time.

Even though many of you are chillin' in your jammies and sipping coffee while I'm still in the thick of things, there are others counting down to that last day before break too.

That day is typically a whirlwind of baked goods and gift-wrapped trinkets. Ultimately, someone unexpectedly gives you a gift. You didn't anticipate it and so you have nothing to give back.


Here's my holiday tip for handling such situations. Purchase a few gift cards to Starbucks or Dunkins or whatever local coffee shop allows you to get your caffeine on. Write out a nice, but generic holiday card and slip the gift card inside. If you are presented with an unexpected gift you can reciprocate by quickly sharing the love. If you don't need to distribute them...well, then that is just more coffee for you to enjoy in your pjs next week.


Mr. Patrick said...

What a great idea! I live in a small town with NO Starbucks, but Tim Hortons is just around the corner from our school - woohoo!

Good luck with your countdown - I have 600 minutes left! We end on Thursday at 2:20. I'll be outta there by 2:35! I've been keeping mine busy with cleverly hidden curriculum ... they think it's "fun", but I'm honestly getting more assessment than a typical week! So far we've completed writing chapter books, math projects, held a classroom Math Fair, and tomorrow holds a Hot Chocolate House (oral communication, hot chocolate, and we get to hear their stories and poems!), assembly, followed by a dance on Thursday ... it's a whirlwind of a week! Enjoy your well deserved break! :)

Angela Darling said...

What a fantastic idea!

Jacqulyn said...

i love this idea...i always purchased general gifts for this reason, but i like the idea of keeping it if i don't have to give it :-) hehe. kids' last day is today- we have meetings all day tomorrow...ugh. feel your pain! i want to bake cookie in my jammies!