Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hollywood Comes to My Neighborhood

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We went to get the pool water tested this weekend. On the way home I looked out the window of our oh-so-cool minivan and spotted this sign.
In case you can't read the fine print (since it isn't illuminated in all of it's neon glory in the photo) it reads, "Classy Rick's Bacon & Leggs."

Here...let's get a closer look.

And, because if wake up one morning and find yourself at that place in life when you are riding in a minivan with your 3 kids in the back it is pretty much required that you be offended by such a thing.

I blurted out a shocked, "Are you kidding me?"

To which my son replied with an inquisitive, "What mommy?"

And I had to quickly think up some lie on the fly...because while I view the sign as morally offensive it appears that I have no problem lying to my child so as to distract him from looking out the window to the right. Whatever.

Anyhow, although this fine establishment has always been a strip club, it was sort of set back off the road and didn't stand out. This sign changed that. I questioned my husband, "How can they get away with that? There is something very wrong about it."

We tossed in the pool chemicals and I wanted to have it retested before having people over for the 4th so I once again ventured to the pool store. It should have been a quick trip because it was 2:00 pm on a Wednesday and those poor fools who weren't smart enough to check off the "Elementary Education" box on the college application in response to "Intended Major" are all at work while I am stopping at the pool store on my way home from the beach. As we pulled out of said pool store, we found ourselves in bumper-to-bumper traffic. It barely moved. However as we slowly progressed down the one way-nowhere to turn off road-I realized the
hold up was at "Classy Rick's Bacon and Leggs." And there were police officers out front.

I pondered if there were people picketing the new sign.

I wondered if there were really THAT many people eating Bacon and Eggs at 2 pm on a Wednesday that they needed a police detail.

Alas, we made our way in front and I discovered the real cause was none other than Adam Sandler. It seems that the new and improved sign on what it normally known as the elegant "Cabaret Lounge" is just staging for a movie he is filming there.

With Vanilla Ice by the way.

Who doesn't love a little, "Ice, Ice Baby?"

OK so perhaps I'm alone on that one.

Adam Sandler and I go way back. I first saw him perform at the University of Central Florida back in the day when I was young and fun.

Around that same time I "starred" in one of his films.

Maybe "starred" was a bit of a stretch, but I did appear in one of his films.

Did you see the Waterboy? I was one of the screaming fans on the crowd at the Citrus Bowl. I basically sat here wearing an orange shirt with thousands of other people sitting there in orange shirts.
You're probably thinking, "Doh! That's where I know her from." :)

Two summers ago Mr. Sandler thwarted my dinner plans by filming GrownUps at the restaurant that we were taking my dad to dinner at for Father's Day. The place was shut down for days. My dad refuses to watch any of his movies because of it.

And so it goes that the offensive sign will be taken down in a few days. Due to the bumper to bumper traffic today though my 6 year old son was able to get a good long look at it.

More upsetting than the sign however is the fact that the movie they are filming placed Adam Sandler in the role of some guy's father. The premise is that Sandler moves in with his son and his son's fiance. That would mean that Adam Sandler is old enough to play the father of someone who is old enough to get married. And that my friends makes me feel older than my reaction to the sign made me feel.

I just might join my father in the boycotting of his films. Make that all his FUTURE films because it's not possible for my remote to stumble upon Billy Madison or the Wedding Singer without watching the rest of it.

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